Comparing Camp Stoves

Every stove has its advantages and disadvantages, and it's up to you to figure out what sort of cooking system best suits the purposes for your trip. The main classes of cooking systems include:

Comparing Stove Systems
  open fire wood stove canister stove liquid fuel stove alcohol stove solid fuel stove
Ease of Use poor poor good fair good good
Ecological Impact high fair high low low low
Fuel Availability varies varies poor fair good poor
Boil Time fast fast fast fast slow slow
Expense $ $$ $$$$ $$$ $ $$$
Simmer Control poor poor good good fair poor
Stove Weight good fair fair poor good good
Fuel Weight good good poor good fair fair
† While there's no direct impact to the environment where you use a canister stove, I rated it poorly because the canisters cannot be reused.
‡ $ = stove and fuel costs little
$$ = stove is expensive, but fuel costs little
$$$ = stove is cheap, but fuel is expensive
$$$$ = both stove and fuel is expensive

Alcohol Stoves Compared

While there are probably about a million different designs for alcohol stoves, there are three I hear people talking about the most so those are the three I'll discuss here.